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I just started playing Mello at a panfandom RPG, and the biggest issue I'm running into right now is that of his adaptability. In most scenes in canon, Mello is shown as a rigid and unbending person who has a tendency to freak out (at least temporarily) if he doesn't get his way. However, it's always struck me that he can't actually be that inflexible. He was able to get to the top of the mafia, and he clearly has resources; the only way he could have gotten as far as he did was by making some compromises. But there's no scenes in canon where this happens, so I have very little idea what his negotiation styles would be, what concessions he'd be willing to make, what kind of person he would tolerate helping him, and so forth. I'm flying by the seat of my pants right now. XD

How does your Mello resolve differences? How does he compromise? How does he adapt to new situations? How do you gel the cooperative/scheming aspect of Mello with the stubborn kid who's shown in canon?


Important topic. XD

The relationship of Matt and Mello in Rp is certainly worth discussing. There´s not much info given on their background together, it´s mostly up to interpretation, and I think since every player is different, it has to be newly defined in every new game. I´m very interested in what other Mello players might say to this, since I admit Matt & Mello interaction puzzles me at times. So, what´s your Mello´s relationship with/attitude towards Matt like?

Do you see them as friends? Close friends, casual friends, other?
Do you see them more in a professional relationship, partners in crime, associates, or other?
Do you think Mello and Matt kept in touch during the time away from the orphanage until the reunion after the explosion?
Do you think it was Matt who helped Mello out after he was hurt in the explosion?
Do you usually assume there´s some kind of chemistry/sexual tension between them?
How does your Mello think about Matt?

*uses Matt icon for great success*
And I did say on the sister comm, I would eventually bring this topic up for discussion here . . .

What's the backstory you've given your Mellos if you've given them any at all?

For me, my F!Mello was raised by nuns before being sent to Wammy's and . . . that's pretty much it. XDDD It always came across to me that Mello was very sheltered before leaving Wammy's. Granted, it was competitive and probably gruesome in parts, but as far as real world experience goes? Probably sheltered.

My OU!Mello . . . I gave him a morphine addiction from shortly before he joined up with the mafia - mainly to give him a legitimate reason to refuse taking it when he arrived in-game . . . other than Matt drugging him with it all the time so he wouldn't irritate the burns. >_>

So - backstory - share? :3

Danger Danger ~

If this idea for a discussion comes across as completely incoherent, I apologize in advance. Basically, I kinda know what I want to say but I´m not sure how. And I really hope I don´t seem as if I was nitpicking, because really everyone plays a character differently and that´s the beauty of it. Feel free to disagree with me! ~♥ Anyway. Here goes.

And since I realize I´ve been rambling far too much about myself now, here are my questions XD:
- How self-aware is your Mello?
- How crazy is your Mello? (Clinical, pathological, or plain eccentric?)
- What do you usually do with him so he keeps that edge?

Discuss. XD

The big question

So, what do you lot think would have happened if Mello somehow did manage to become L? With or without Near as his partner?

Just curious since I was chatting with a friend last night and it came up that Mello might have ultimately have been unhappy as L (not saying it's a happy position, but it's Mello) since he wouldn't have been able to be as active in the investigation as he'd seem to like.

Thoughts? Opinions? Do you think he would have made a good L?

Just curious...

So, out of curiosity, how many people here are mods of their own RPG and play Mello at that comm? I'm starting my own game in a couple months and have already decided that Mello will be my first character there, and I know a couple mods play Mello at their own comms, usually as their first character. Just how many Mello-playing-mods are there, and why do you think this seems to be a bit of a trend these days?



Welcome to mello_me_out, a community done in the style of what_the_l and mr_raito.

I'm Cassie, and I've only been playing a version of Mello (a female AU) since February and will shortly be playing the OU!Mello counterpart at econtra_rpg. I find him a fascinating character and I like his fire and almost self-destructive drive to attain his goals. This is a mindset I can relate with to a degree and that I find interesting to play out in the extreme situations some RPs can present the character with.

So, to start off with in regards to discussion (this community's actual purpose), where are you all playing Mello? What is it you enjoy playing about him? What are some of the challenges you have playing him?

Don't be shy! Speak up!

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